FIM & FEMA: the motorcycle lobby is stronger together

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Published on 27 May 2016 by Gill

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17th of May was the occasion for another meeting of the FEMA and FIM Europe working group. The meeting was hosted by FIM at the new headquarters in Switzerland.

From FEMA the representatives were Morten Hansen, Rolf Frieling, and the Secretary General Dolf Willigers, from FIM-Europe Vice President Silvio Manicardi, Jesper Christensen and John Chatterton Ross [a BMF member!] and from FIM Steve Aeschlimann Executive Director Operations.

The group discussed the progress of co-operation of the two organisations; subjects covered included the forthcoming FIM-Europe Congress and Road Safety Conference. Other items included the continuing work on the new CEN standard for protective clothing for street riders, and the many challenges and opportunities coming to our motorcycling world from new developments on automatic vehicles.

Vice President Manicardi issued an open invitation to the FEMA colleagues to attend the FIM-Europe congress in Kavala next month. He added: “I appreciate very much how the discussion is progressing in a very friendly and collaborative way.”

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