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Published on 30 September 2014 by Gill

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The number of riders taking their bikes abroad on holiday each year has been steadily increasing for some time; this is reflected in the growth in the number of companies offering motorcycle based touring holidays. This can be an easy step in to riding abroad, with travel and hotel arrangements all looked after, easing the linguistic problems of dealing with those strange folk the other side of the channel!

Another option is to take part in one of the FIM touring rallies. The FIM, the international governing body of motorcycling, franchises two or three touring rallies every year, the FIM Rally; FIM Motocamp and FIM Mototour. The Rally and Motocamp are organised in a different country each year, while the Mototour is a more occasional event being organised every two or three years. This allows touring riders from many nations to tour to a different location each year knowing that the event will follow a set format when they reach their destination with FIM representatives overseeing proceedings. All the FIM touring events follow an all inclusive formula with the entry fees covering accommodation, be it hotel or camping, and meals (but not drinks) for the duration of the event.

The FIM Rally and Motocamp follow slightly different formats, with the FIM Rally catering for both campers and those who prefer to stay in a hotel, while the Motocamp, as the name suggests, is restricted to those who bring their own tent. Each event normally covers four days (three nights) during which period participants stay on or near the rally site in accommodation arranged by the organisers. Unlike the other two events, the Mototour is not based on one venue but moves between two or three locations, following a chosen touristic route and visiting points of interest.

In recent years these events have taken riders to countries as diverse as Finland, Italy, Germany, Croatia, Spain, Greece, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. This year the variety continues with the FIM Rally taking place reasonably close to home at Vorden in the Netherlands, from 29-31 July with a programme of optional excursions for early arrivals. The FIM Motocamp will take place this year at St Petersburg in Russia from 10-12 June, the first time FIM touring events have visited that country since 1967. The Mototour next year, which will be limited to 200 riders, will run from 10-13 September, starting from Cuneo in Italy and via a route visiting the Cote d‘Azur, the Alps and Monte Carlo.

Entry papers for these events normally come out in January each year, with entries closing in late March. As soon as details are available they are posted on the website, from where details and entry forms are downloadable. If you want more details or are unable to access the website please contact: Keith Freak, Maltsters, South Tawton, Okehampton, Devon, EX20 2LW or email him at