Get set for the National Road Rally 2018

Published on 4 July 2018 by Robert Drane

This weekend, hundreds of motorcyclists will be taking to the road as part of a very special event: the National Road Rally.

The annual scatter rally will see competitors riding distances from 120 to 540 miles via a range of control points throughout the country. Eventually, each rider will finish at one of four final locations: Bury, Guildford, Stibbington or Worcester.

The National Road Rally has been a long-held English tradition, taking place since approximately 1933. It’s open to riders of mopeds, scooters, motorcycles, three-wheelers and quadricycles, so there’s often a variety of unusual and one-off vehicles taking part. It truly is an event like no other.

Marc Whitmarsh, NRR Committee member, said: “I don’t know how many years I’ve been riding the rally – I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t involved. I love the camaraderie and meeting up with friends who I only get to see once a year. The rally gives you a chance to ride roads in parts of the country you don’t usually visit.”

Prizes will be on offer for those who complete the challenge, including a brand new category for 2018 called Daytime Platinum. Each rider participating in the Daytime Platinum challenge will have to take part in special tests before starting the rally. Their test performance will then count towards their chance at attaining a major prize.

Will you be taking part in the National Road Rally? Good luck and don’t forget to share your photos of the weekend on our Facebook page.