Going electric intrigues bikers

harley davidson MS0q8GqjVrY unsplash

Published on 4 March 2021 by Mike Waters

A new survey by Bikesure has found great interest in electric powered two-wheelers among bikers, with a narrow majority saying they either owned one already or would be interested in owning one. 

The survey of 673 motorcyclists found that only 3.6% had electric machines so far, but a further 46.7% said they would like to own one. When broken down by age, 58% of under 25s were keen but only 41% of 55-64-year-olds expressed an interest and over 65s saw a result of just 32%.  

When asked why, performance was a major draw and a majority of 57.8% were interested in the prospect of instant delivery of torque. Meanwhile, 43.68% said being economical to run was important. Just 38.34% said they were interested in using one to reduce their carbon footprint.  

A statement by Bikesure noted: “After reviewing all of our results, there’s no doubt that the majority of the motorcycle community believe electric bikes are the future, whether they support them or not.”  

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