Government campaign overlooks motorcyclists

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Published on 28 November 2018 by Charlie Bliss

The introduction of a new two-year action plan by the UK Government to improve the safety of vulnerable road users fails to safeguard motorcyclists.

The Department for Transport has released the details of 50 proposed strategies to “protect the most vulnerable”, including pedestrians, cyclists and equestrians. The new measures are intended as part of a wider initiative to encourage more respect between motorists and vulnerable road users, while combating road rage.

Minister of State for Transport Jesse Norman said: “Greater road safety – and especially the protection of vulnerable road users such as cyclists, pedestrians and horse riders – is essential. We want to improve air quality, encourage healthy exercise, reduce obesity and boost our high streets and economic productivity.”

However, motorcyclists are omitted from the campaign, with the only mention involving a plan to analyse whether insurance providers could offer reduced rates to motorcyclists who have completed advanced training courses.

BMF Chairman Jim Freeman said: “Given the current obsessions with cycling and walking, the BMF is not surprised by the failure to mention motorcyclists as a vulnerable road user group.

“The BMF would also like to point out that riders are already incentivised by insurance companies, including corporate members Bikesure, to take advanced training courses such as those provided by the IAM and the BMF's Blue Riband training scheme, which recently received approval from the DVSA.”

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