Government endorses benefits of off-road training

motoscotland training

Published on 24 August 2016 by Robert Drane

MotoScotland has been recognised by the Department for Transport and DVSA for its off-road motorcycle training course. It is the only UK off-road motorbike training centre to be endorsed by council road safety departments and insurers.

Clive Rumbold, MotoScotland’s chief instructor, had previously noticed that advanced road riding courses failed to teach some skills taught in off-road courses that are applicable to riding on the road.

In addition to their endorsement, the DfT and DVSA have added new pages to their websites (available here and here) explaining the benefits of off-road training to road users.

Some of the benefits for off-road training include:

  • Riding safely on slippery surfaces (gravel, leaves, mud etc)
  • Recovery of locked-up brakes or wheels
  • Low-speed riding to avoid dropping your bike
  • Improved confidence when riding on the road
  • Off-road motorcycling improves fitness

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