Government invests in anti-pothole technology


Published on 1 February 2019 by Charlie Bliss

The UK Government has announced plans to fund creative new approaches to prevent and repair potholes.

The £4.5m investment will form part of a wider £22.9m commitment to funding innovative technologies on UK roads in an attempt to future-proof road surfaces against weathering and other damage.

Eight local authorities will test out new approach including Suffolk, Kent and Staffordshire. Cumbria will see the introduction of plastic roads in a trial of the technologies as part of the project, entitled Live Labs. A rollout to further territories nationwide is expected should it prove successful.

Secretary of State for Transport Chris Grayling MP said: “Potholes are the number one enemy for road users and this government is looking at numerous ways to keep our roads in the best condition. Today’s trials will see how new technologies work in the real world to ensure our roads are built for the 21st century.”

This news comes after Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond announced in this year’s budget that £420m would be dedicated to fixing potholes, as reported by the BMF.

However, a smaller percentage of the entire £22.9m budget for Live Labs will actually analyse the issue of potholes. Most of the funding is committed to data monitoring.

The Department for Transport claims that total funding for pothole repair and maintenance between 2015 to 2020 is £6.6bn.

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Picture credit: Henry Bloomfield