Harley-Davidson joins MCIA SECURED anti-theft programme

harley davidson kSNQz1lTBPQ unsplash lorez

Published on 29 October 2019 by Mike Waters

BMF Corporate Member the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) has announced that the world-famous Harley-Davidson marque has joined its new MCIA SECURED anti-theft scheme.

The BMF covered the launch announcement for the scheme earlier this month, which “awards a star for each recognised security feature fitted to a PTW. The more security features included as standard by the manufacturer, the more stars, up to a maximum of five for motorcycles and scooters of 125cc (or 11kW for electric power) or over, or a maximum of three for those up to 125cc/11kW.”

A statement by the MCIA noted that “Harley-Davidson is getting its participation in MCIA SECURED off to a good start, with every model achieving a four-star rating.”

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