Harlow District Council injunction update


Published on 26 May 2016 by Gill


Filed under Category: Campaigning

The BMF contacted Harlow District Council on Tuesday asking for information on why the injunction had been asked for. As a result of the numerous responses to the injunction received by the Council they issued the following update yesterday. Click here to read it.

This does go some way to relieve our concerns about how the injunction might be applied and we welcome the clarification that rideouts may be permitted provided there is consultation with the Council and with the police.

However, we do still have some concerns as what the injunction does do is increase the penalty for such acts listed as are already illegal, and criminalises acts which are otherwise legal (i.e. riding in convoy). And if the injunction was primarily intended to target an event scheduled for Saturday 21st May it is hardly necessary to apply for one which covers a period of almost a year.

The BMF will be in further contact with the Council.