Have your say about the Highway Code

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Published on 2 March 2021 by Mike Waters

You are being invited to contribute to the discussion about proposed changes to the Highway Code.

A new consultation which has been launched by Highways England is seeking the public’s views on proposals about updating safety information for motorways and high-speed dual carriageways.  

A statement by Highways England explained: “Among the proposed updates are explanations of the availability, appearance and safe use of emergency areas, clearer information on the use of the red X sign to close lanes and provide safer areas for those involved in incidents or where people are working on the motorway, and how road users can help keep themselves safe in the event of a breakdown or emergency. 

“The guidance is also being updated on key factors that contribute to safety-related incidents, including driving while tired, unroadworthy vehicles, safe towing, tailgating and driving in roadworks.” 

Highways England’s Head of Road Safety Jeremy Phillips said: “We know more needs to be done to help motorists understand exactly how modern motorways and high-speed roads operate. The updated edition of the Highway Code will help inform the next generation of road users as well as giving important updates to those with many miles under their belt, to help us all stay safer.” 

You can contribute to the consultation via Highways England’s website here 

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