Hey laydeeez, do you feel patronised?

pink bike

Published on 6 March 2015 by Gill

Online car sellers Carmudi have been asking what top car brands are doing today to attract women. Referencing campaigns such as Honda's 'She’s pretty in pink', they recognise that the 'paint it pink and it will sell' era is now dying. So what’s new?

According to new research, one in five women avoid car workshops. Why? It was found that 22 per cent of women were not comfortable with the environment, 28 per cent reported that they were nervous about asking technical questions and 31 per cent said they were confused by the jargon used by the trade. 

To address these issues, car manufacturers have been investing millions to create an enjoyable car-buying experience for women. Carmudi lists such moves as smaller city cars evolving to appeal to women, car dealerships catering more to women, car models targeted at women and endorsed by women, and business models that target women.

This is all very well for the world of cars, but what are motorcycle manufacturers doing? And what do you think they should be doing?