Honda shows interest in mind-reading motorcycles

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Published on 10 December 2020 by Mike Waters

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New documents filed with the US Patent Office indicate that Honda is exploring the development of motorcycles that can read your mind.  

So-called ‘Brain-Machine Interfaces’ are at the cutting edge of scientific development and the major technical challenge of connecting a computer to the human brain has been tackled by generations of scientists. Many problems have yet to be solved. 

However, the patent application filed by Honda suggests that the Japanese industrial giant is optimistic about what the future may hold. The documentation indicates that work began last year, and a series of illustrations shows a rider operating a motorcycle and using it to perform various actions. 

Notes included with the documentation provide an indication of Honda’s hopes for the technology. They read: “The control circuitry may determine control information indicative of an intention of the user to perform a specific task using one or more components of the vehicle. The specific task may correspond to one of a vehicle acrobatic manoeuvre, a vehicle driving manoeuvre, or a hands-free control of the user assistive device inside the vehicle. Examples of the specific task may include, but are not limited to, a wheelie, a stoppie, a hyper spin, a switchback, a burnout, a left turning manoeuvre, a right turning manoeuvre, a braking manoeuvre, a reversing manoeuvre, an accelerating manoeuvre, a decelerating manoeuvre, a parking manoeuvre, a traffic circling manoeuvre, a stopping manoeuvre, or an overtaking manoeuvre.” 

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