How a motorbike played rugby to help create a Guinness World Record

Lewis Final 16

Published on 28 October 2015 by Gill

A motorcycle has helped break the Guinness World Record™ for the Greatest Speed Differential between the Throw and Catch of a Rugby Ball.

As all eyes hone in on rugby ahead of the 2015 World Cup final between New Zealand and Australia, cars and motorcycles have taken the art of the interception to new speeds.

England’s 2003 World Cup winner Lewis Moody acted as an advisor on the stunt, working with renowned stunt driver Terry Grant and motorcyclist Lee Bowers to pull off the record. Watch the video below to see how the stunt was made.

‘NatWest presents The World’s Fastest Interception’ starts with two cars travelling perilously along on two wheels heading towards a try line. A local rugby player then emerges from the window of each balancing vehicle and the players begin to complete a series of car-to-car passes as the cars continue onward at 25-30mph.

As the players are about to complete their next pass, stunt rider Lee Bowers bursts on to the scene, takes to his feet on the seat of the motorbike to ride between the cars and plucks the ball from the air before riding off and touching down over a try-line lit in flames.

On helping create the record, Lewis commented: “I thought I had seen just about everything possible in rugby but working with these stunt men travelling at such speeds and pulling off the pass at real pace is definitely something new for rugby!

The interception was carried out under the watchful eye of an official Guinness World Records™ adjudicator and with a closing speed of 51.34 mph, set a new record for ‘The greatest speed differential between the throw and catch of a rugby ball’.

The final edited film can be seen here:

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