How can the BMF reduce motorcycle fatalities in Wales?


Published on 11 November 2014 by Gill

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This week, Edwina Hart, Minister for Economy, Science and Transport, released a statement detailing the action being taken to reduce motorcycle fatalities in Wales.

The statement detailed her concern about the number of fatalities seen this year, especially among motorcyclists. In the first nine months of this year, 25 motorcyclists lost their lives on Welsh roads: 12 on the trunk road network and 13 on other roads.

Ms Hart also affirmed that the police are continuing to be vigilant and will work with the all highway authorities across Wales to scrutinise the data for indications of where interventions can be more effectively targeted. In addition, the All Wales Strategic Road Safety Group met on 22 October and considered the most up to date information on motorcyclist casualties to aid the future planning of targeted interventions.
The statement closed with a call to action: “Joint working by all partners continues to be vital and this is something I promote through the implementation of the Road Safety Framework. The Framework recognises the vulnerability of motorcyclists and sets out the actions that partners and I have agreed to take. I provide funding for a number of programmes that aim to promote rider safety, such as BikeSafe and Dragon Rider, and I have commissioned an evaluation of motorcyclist training, to see if there are ways in which these programmes can be strengthened and made more effective. I am keen to explore whether it is possible to better identify and target riders who are most likely to be involved in collisions.”

Graeme Hay, BMF Government Relations Executive, commented: “Many riders consider Wales to offer some of the finest riding in the UK. This statement from the Welsh Assembly is an alert to us to consider becoming involved in reducing the loss of lives, which sadly seems to persist in this area.”

So what can we do? What would you do? Which riders do you think are most likely to be involved in collisions?