Huge drop in moped thefts confirmed

BMF 18 10 18 Credit Ashland Thomas1

Published on 18 October 2018 by Charlie Bliss

Moped theft in London dropped by 56 per cent compared with monthly figures from last year, new statistics from the Metropolitan Police have revealed.

The number of reported crimes in August 2018 more than halved when compared to July 2017, when moped-related offences were at their highest. In the period from January-August 2018, there was a 32.6 per cent reduction compared with the same period last year.

The Home Office has said that this drop in moped-related crime can be attributed to built-in theft deterrents being developed to an industry standard, boosted Metropolitan Police activity in theft hotspots, a consultation on police pursuits and a review of sentences and penalties.

This success has prompted the expansion of the government-led task force responsible for cracking down on moped and scooter theft in London to a nationwide rollout. At a recent meeting between police, local government and industry figures who make up the task force, Policing Minister Nick Hurd said:

“Today’s figures are testament to the fantastic work achieved by the Metropolitan Police and I’m pleased this crime has fallen by so much, so quickly… The Met have done a superb job of targeting hotspot areas and deploying innovative and highly effective methods for stopping moped gangs in their tracks. I’m excited to see what we can achieve by applying a similar response to vehicle theft.”

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Photo credit: Ashland Thomas