M25 rush hour report prompts outcry

m25 traffic jam

Published on 28 March 2017 by Robert Drane

A new report by Highways England has noted that congestion on the famously packed M25 has reached the point where the so-called ‘rush hour’ stretches from 6am to 6pm every day.

The report highlighted that the M25 includes nine out of ten of the busiest points in the UK’s Strategic Road Network and the very worst point was found on a stretch between the M40 in Buckinghamshire and the A3 in Surrey, which sees approximately 220,000 vehicles on a daily basis and where recurring traffic jams are a constant headache for travellers.

The economic, environmental and safety implications of this heavy traffic are readily apparent and the study, which is part of the government’s Road Investment Strategy, calls for “further interventions to improve travel conditions” and argues that “there is a compelling case for change.”

The study has prompted much comment among campaigners and its findings on the clear need to improve the situation have been welcomed. Bridget Fox of the Campaign for Better Transport noted that “We cannot simply build our way out of congestion. The M25 study is right to focus on improving capacity on the existing network through moving to more sustainable modes. That makes sense for the environment and the taxpayer too.”

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Pic credit: © Copyright Ben Gamble, used under Creative Commons Licence