‘Magic hand’ set to stop bike slip

Published on 30 May 2018 by Matt Colley

Bosch is developing a futuristic ‘magic hand’ that uses gas thrusters to help motorcyclists avoid falls if their bike slips on the road.

The company has just released details of its sliding mitigation research project, designed to help riders when wheels start to slip sideways - for example, if they hit an oil spill or a patch of wet leaves.

The Bosch solution involves a sensor that detects slipping. Once the slip level passes a certain point, the sensor triggers a release of gas from a gas accumulator similar to those in vehicle airbags. The gas is then released through a nozzle, creating reverse thrust.

Bosch says: “Like a magic hand, it keeps the motorcycle on track and considerably reduces the risk of a fall.”

Other Bosch projects highlighted in a recent announcement include adaptive cruise control, a collision warning system and blind spot detection, plus a “digital shield” for motorcycle riders using technology that warns drivers that a motorcycle is approaching before they can even see it.

It has also created motorcycle stability control, which monitors factors such as torque and lean angle to adjust braking and acceleration, to help avoid dangerous situations.

Picture credit: Bosch