Meet Britain’s female bikers

Published on 7 August 2018 by Matt Colley

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A new study has helped shed light on who today’s female bikers are, where they live and when and why they began to ride.

The study of 2,310 British female motorcycle owners by WMB Pride found that the average female biker in the UK began to ride a motorcycle at the age of 37, with 39% turning to life on two wheels because “you get through traffic quicker than you do in a car” and 32% doing so because “it was something new and exciting”.

The differences in geographical regions were revealed to be surprisingly wide, with the South West boasting a full 15% of the UK’s female bikers while Yorkshire and the Humberside only has a meagre 3%. Meanwhile, Northern Ireland, with just 2.9% of the UK’s population, has a remarkable 11% of the UK’s female bikers.

Furthermore, 65% of female bikers confirmed that their partner also rides a motorcycle and 35% said they were the only ones who did. Those who were solo riders said that their partners didn’t ride because “they were too scared” (61%) or “they’d had a bad experience” (8%).

A spokesperson for WMB Pride said: “Many think that riding a motorcycle is very much a male-orientated thing to do, but it’s really not – as we’ve proven here.”

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Picture credit: A female biker from the recent attempt to set a new world record for the largest all-female biker meet. With thanks to The Bike Insurer.