Meet Police Scotland’s motorcycle safety camera

police motorcycle safety camera

Published on 12 April 2017 by Robert Drane

Have you heard of Police Scotland's unique new safety camera?

It’s a motorcycle.

First introduced in August 2016, the vehicle is just like the more common safety camera vans found throughout the UK. However, this one is based around a BMW R1200RT SE and, being a bike, it can park in places a van never could.

Inspector Ian Paul, Police Scotland, said:

“The introduction of the safety camera motorcycle provides us with a very flexible and compact resource which can be used on stretches of our roads where safety camera vans or uniformed officers could not previously be deployed.

“This is a highly visible resource and, while enforcement is part of our agenda, our primary role and that of the camera motorcycle is to influence driver and road user behaviour.”

The vehicle will operate all year round, weather permitting, and will focus on those roads which have seen a “disproportionate number of motorcycle casualties”.

Inspector Ian Paul added: “I must stress that our motorcycle is not out there to specifically target motorcyclists, it’s there to monitor the speed of all vehicles.”

The police hope the motorcycle safety camera will encourage all road users to be responsible on the beautiful Scottish roads.

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