Motorcycle industry reveals thoughts on Brexit

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Published on 6 October 2016 by Robert Drane

Last week, the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) released a response to a set of questions posed by the Department for International Trade. The questions asked what were the motorcycle industry’s primary concerns and needs in negotiating the UK’s departure from the EU.

In its response, the MCIA explained that it is important that the UK remains consistent with European regulations because “it is absolutely vital that access to the EU Single Market remains”. However, it did express its concern that “the cost and complexity of EU technical regulations have made it almost impossible for a new bulk manufacturer of motorcycles to establish [itself] without significant capital support”.

According to the MCIA, uncertainty and confidence concerns are the immediate risk of Brexit to the industry. The MCIA urge the government to make businesses aware of the steps of action for Brexit as soon as possible because “investment decisions for 2017 are being made right now”.

The MCIA also explained that it would like to use Brexit as an opportunity for a significant change of UK laws relating to motorcycle licensing and testing. Read our article are four motorcycle tests too many?

The motorcycle industry is worth more than £7.3 billion to the British economy, employing over 58,000 people. Approximately 25% of its labour is sourced from the EU and the MCIA believe free movement of labour is fundamental to the success of the industry.

For now, the MCIA urges the UK to remain fully and actively involved in the EU’s activities because there are proposed regulations that could still affect the UK. “We haven’t left the EU yet, so where possible, we must continue business as usual”.

To read the full report, click here.