Motorcycle with built-in drone launched

Ural AIR m2

Published on 5 November 2018 by Charlie Bliss

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The world’s first ever motorcycle featuring a built-in drone has been announced by Ural Motorcycles.

The Ural Air launches a radio-controlled aircraft from a sidecar compartment. The DJI Spark Remote Combo is a miniature drone featuring a camera and is designed to help riders tackle the most demanding terrain.

The drone is released from a hatch and can be operated by the sidecar passenger from a hard-mounted remote control. The compartment, designed by Stratasys Direct Manufacturing, also features a USB port and a selfie stick.

The Ural Motorcycles website claims that the limited edition model is designed to assist adventure bikers by giving them an elevated vantage point.

It reads: “What’s over the ridge? What’s just beyond your campsite? What obstacles lie ahead after a big storm? When the trail ends or nightfall is looming, the rider or passenger becomes a pilot, sending out their eye in the sky to determine the best route or quickest escape.”

The model uses the company’s 749cc motorbike and comes in a grey metallic colour. Only 40 units will be manufactured worldwide at a cost of $17,999 (£14,000).

It is scheduled for release from November 2018.

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Picture credit: Ural Motorcycles