Motorcyclist spots hidden speed camera in tractor and horsebox

Published on 16 October 2015 by Gill

Riders looking to enjoy a rural spin on their motorcycles may have to be aware of covert police speed cameras hidden in tractors and even horseboxes.

Police in Humberside have been testing devices with the aim to catch speeding drivers on back roads travelling in excess of 100mph. This has come to light after a motorcyclist saw a police officer with a camera inside a John Deere tractor on the side of a country road.  

It is a well-established convention that speed cameras should be visible to road users; however authorities do not by law have to follow such guidelines.

Mark Hughes of the Humberside Police Roads Policing unit said: “This Operation runs alongside the well-established and much publicised Operation Achilles, it is concerned with 'high-end' speeding offenders.

"This Operation is aimed at the small percentage of riders/drivers, who insist on driving at dangerously high speeds on our country roads, not only endangering themselves, but other innocent road users."

The scheme is thought to be primarily aimed at catching drivers in high performance cars travelling at excessive speeds.

Questions have also been raised recently over the accuracy of speed measuring devices, following an incident in Sunderland where a man used his own telematics to overturn punishment for allegedly breaking a 30mph speed limit.

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(pic credit: Grimsby Telegraph)