Motorcyclists are happiest commuters, but spend more money on bikes than partners

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Published on 2 October 2014 by Gill


A survey has revealed that 87.9 per cent of motorcycle and scooter commuters believe they are happier when arriving at work compared to other modes of travel.

The research, which reached out to 1,000 UK commuters, asked participants to reflect on their best and worst journeys to work and consequently discovered motorcycling to have the best effect on an individual’s happiness. The independent analysis commissioned by Bennetts, the UK’s No.1 motorcycle insurance provider, reinforces the 2014 Office for National Statistics report, which examined the impact of commuting on people’s well-being and its findings that car and bus users felt the most unhappy and anxious.

Bennetts managing director, Vince Chaney, explained: “The survey demonstrates what many motorbike and scooter riders have known for a long time – that it makes you happy – and other forms of travel simply don’t have the same positive impact. It also supports our data that more people are buying insurance policies for motorcycles and scooters used for commuting purposes, with almost half of our customers taking out policies including commuting use.”

The report also found that 67.8 per cent of survey participants are convinced that commuting to work by motorcycle or scooter has a positive effect on their readiness to approach work tasks.

Bennetts’ survey also highlighted that a third of motorcycle and scooter commuters spend more money every month on their beloved motorcycle than on their partner.

On both sets of findings, the MCIA’s press officer, Stevie Muir, commented: “The ONS report established that travelling to work on a motorcycle, scooter or moped is one of the least likely modes of transport to affect your well-being, and so it makes sense that the Bennetts' survey reveals a positive commute leads to a positive attitude in the workplace."