National Road Rally 2016

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Published on 28 June 2016 by Robert Drane

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The National Road Rall 2016 is being held this weekend on July 2-3.

Although there are actually four rallies over the 20-hour period, the main National Road Rally starts at 1200 noon on the Saturday and finishes at one of five Final Controls (Whichurch, Stevenage, Leeds, Warminster and Stibbington) at 0800 on Sunday. The other rallies run at varying times during the 20 hours.

Although online entries are now closed, an email to Steph at could still get you signed up for the challenge. Call her on 01788 566409 if you'd prefer.

Weather forecast is fair…..cloudy with a touch of…...well, take your waterproofs, just in case.

If you don't feel up to it this weekend, then look out for the green NRR stickers on the riders' bikes and give them a wave. A friendly face is often all that is needed to spur them on. If you see any of the DayGlo "NRR Control" signs in your area, follow the arrows and call in for a brew. Some of the volunteers are there for the duration and could do with someone to chat with during a quiet period, especially if you talk bikes!

Maybe you will end up on the National Road Rally 2017, yet another great excuse for a ride out.

Check out for all the specific details.

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