New co-operation to defend motorcycling


Published on 14 November 2014 by Gill

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On November 11th FEMA, FIM and FIM Europe representatives (Morten Hansen, Dolf Willigers and Rolf Frieling from FEMA, Silvio Manicardi from FIM Europe, Jesper Christensen and John Chatterton-Ross from FIM) met in Brussels.

Since July the organisations have been working on the draft OECD-ITF report on the safety of powered two wheelers (OECD is the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development based in Paris, which also hosts the International Transport Forum).
This group will now co-ordinate responses to the final report which is expected to be published shortly.

Common ground was established on the issues connected to motorcycling and mobility, but also on training, awareness of riders by other
road users, infrastructure, intelligent transport systems and the need for more research. All agreed that the OECD-ITF report will have a
major impact on policy by governments and the EU institutions for many years to come. The meeting serves as a basis for a future with
further cooperation between the organisations. 

Photo from left standing: Silvio Manicardi from FIM Europe, Jesper Christensen from FIM and Dolf Willigers from FEMA. Sitting, from the left, John Chatterton-Ross from FIM, Morten Hansen and Rolf Frieling from FEMA.