New dash cam portal will help police catch bad drivers

Published on 3 July 2018 by Robert Drane

The increasing popularity of dash cams has enabled motorists to catch the actions of dangerous drivers, helping the police investigate countless incidents and making the roads safer.

However, the popularity of these cameras has driven a surge in submitted reports to the police, making it difficult for them to keep up. On top of this, different police forces have very different ways of accepting and processing submissions from dash cams, adding to the complexity of reporting dangerous motorists.

To make things easier for everyone, dash cam manufacturer Nextbase has created a brand new online portal. The National Dash Cam Safety Portal allows motorists to easily submit videos to the police, simplifying the whole process. It also makes things easier for the police, allowing them to process more reports more efficiently.


An elegant solution

To report an incident, you simply upload a video to the secure platform then answer a questionnaire about what happened. The portal’s software will then automatically create all the necessary documentation the police require to investigate.

Superintendent Paul Moxley, West Mercia Police, said:

“While the benefits to motorists of this groundbreaking portal are clear, this convenience extends to police forces, since a process which previously took hours can now be reduced to a matter of minutes.”

The National Dash Cam Safety Portal currently covers a number of regions throughout England, although not all areas have incorporated the portal yet. For those that haven’t, the portal still makes it easy to submit your dash cam videos by taking you to the relevant police website.

Joshua Harris, Director of Campaigns at road safety charity BRAKE, said:

“This is a fantastic initiative which couldn’t be more timely. The increasing popularity of dash cams is a huge positive for road safety. However, with more drivers than ever seeking to report illegal behaviour, the burden on the police has increased.

“This portal is an elegant solution which enables the police to process this vital data without wasting their scarce resources. We fully support this initiative and urge its swift adoption across the UK.”

To find out more or submit a dash cam video, visit