New fuel labelling rules coming this year

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Published on 1 March 2019 by Matt Colley

The Department for Transport (DfT) has announced that new fuel labelling regulations will be brought in across all filling stations as of September 2019.

The labels will be accompanied by a public information campaign and are designed to help make biofuel content in both petrol and diesel clear at the point of purchase. For example, petrol which includes up to 5% of ethanol from renewable sources will be labelled ‘E5’ on pumps. New vehicles will have the same labels on their filler caps.

The steady introduction of biofuels to the UK transport network has been something of an unsung success story and the DfT noted in the announcement that, in 2018 alone, “the carbon dioxide savings from using biofuels in road transport was equivalent to taking over a million cars off the UK’s roads.”

However, the increasing use of biofuels may lead to issues for some of the country’s motorcyclists. The BMF has already highlighted potential risks to certain types of motorcycle, especially classic bikes which may be vulnerable to damage from chemical reactions with biofuels for which they were never designed.

The DfT is also exploring a further increase in the level of biofuels which may be sold in petrol and a response to a public consultation has been promised for later in the year.

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