NMDA unsatisfied with DfT response

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Published on 18 October 2016 by Robert Drane

The National Motorcycle Dealers Association (NMDA) has written to the Department for Transport asking for a meeting to discuss reforming motorcycle tests.

The organisation previously contacted the Parliamentary under Secretary of State for Transport in August but received “a very general response that did not address our concerns about the negative effect the licensing system is having on young people, the industry and road congestion”.


Speaking to British Dealer News, Steve Latham, NMDA chief, said:

“We have now sent a further, more detailed letter outlining the importance to reduce the age restrictions on motorcycle testing and requesting the opportunity to meet with the minister to discuss the issue further.”

In the first response, Andrew Jones MP, Parliamentary under Secretary of State for Transport, said motorcyclists were vulnerable road users and explained that the extensive testing process was due to the high risks riders face.

“The licensing regime is intended to ensure that younger, inexperienced riders cannot access the most powerful bikes until they have accrued at least four years’ on-road experience on less powerful bikes.”


Speaking in August, Anna Zee, BMF Political and Technical Services Director, said:

“The current motorcycle test regime is certainly unsatisfactory. Doing the same test 3 times on different size bikes is pointless.

“The BMF would like to see a reconsideration of the test regime but there is no appetite for revising the Directive in the EU, so it seems unlikely that any substantial change can be made here until the UK has left the EU.”


The issue of multiple motorcycle tests raised many comments on our Facebook page in August:

“Far too complicated, too expensive, unfair compared with car test” – Anita Peebles

“A 16 year old can drive a 300hp massive agricultural tractor and have done for years what is that all about!!” – Merv Williams

“I would say the test for driving a car should be changed and licence be restricted for power at young age. I see too many bad drivers on the road.” – Rod Souza

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