November motorbike registrations stall

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Published on 12 December 2018 by Charlie Bliss

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Registrations for new powered two-wheelers fell by 2.2% in November 2018, according to data published by the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA).

In total, 3,994 new motorcycles were registered – an 8.5% drop. The moped market persisted in its decline, falling by 14.4%.

Scooters demonstrated a considerable increase, registering a 22.7% rise with 1,674. However, it is thought that this is an artificial surge which can be explained by pre-registrations intended to meet acquisition targets before the year’s end.

Honda once again remained in the top spot with growth of 4.3% while Yamaha suffered a 26.9% downturn. Other marques to endure a decline in figures for the month were Kawasaki, Suzuki and Harley-Davidson, reporting respective 10.7%, 44.7% and 24.6% drops.

For the year to date, motorcycles enjoyed a 2.6% increase accounting for 76,339 in total, while scooter registrations have surged to 18,676 – a 5.9% rise. Mopeds, on the other hand, show a 21.4% decrease to 5,040.

Total registrations for the year represent a negligible 1.5% increase compared with the same period last year.

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