One last ride


Published on 13 November 2014 by Gill

We all love our bikes and will most likely love them until the day we die, so why not incorporate them in the funeral? Impossible? Not any more!

Funeral Motorcycles is a venture set up to give a different option to those who want to use a motorbike hearse for that final ride to their funeral.

The custom-designed sidecar hearse for the company’s Harley Davidson Fat Boy was built by Hedingham Sidecars in Essex. It uses standard hearse fittings on a flat-bed sidecar and offers a modern, simple and dignified mode of transport to avid motorcyclists or those who want something a little different.  

Funeral Motorcycles was set up by Alec Butcher, a funeral director and a member of the Fenlanders Chapter, who said: “A Harley Davidson was the obvious choice for our first outfit and it had to be the iconic Fat Boy.

“It was a gamble whether people would like the open hearse outfit,” continued Alec. “But it has been received so well at shows that we are now working on a new hearse. The open sidecar reflects the essence of motorcycling and lets you take your last ride ‘in the wind’.”

Funeral Motorcycles cover the whole of Britain. For more information, visit their website or call 07585 099 572.