Product review: Alpine ear plugs

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Published on 26 June 2019 by Mike Waters

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Don Scales reviews earplugs from BMF Corporate Member Alpine Hearing Protection:

The benefits of using earplugs when riding motorcycles are something that every biker is aware of, even if many don’t always follow the advice. I was among that group until a few years ago when I had to make a fast return to the UK from the south of France - a 900-mile trip on a naked bike, without pausing to make sure I had any earplugs. The pain and discomfort that followed from 16 hours of constant wind buffeting on the French and English motorways was enough to make me swear never to ride without earplugs again.

Before riding to a rally in southern Europe this summer, a decent set of earplugs was top of the list. I’ve never really found foam earplugs satisfactory; I find them uncomfortable and they can loosen and move within the ear canal, negating the noise-damping effect. So it was that a set of Alpine MotoSafe Pro earplugs were chosen. These plugs use a soft material to fit snugly in the ear and the Pro pack comes with interchangeable medium- or high-protection filters depending on whether you are taking a short run or an extended motorway journey.

The conclusion? These plugs are not the cheapest option available (the Pro kit comes to a little under £25, although buying either high or medium filters alone significantly cuts that)  but they are easy to fit, comfortable to wear inside a helmet and, most importantly, effectively filter out the worst of the wind noise while still allowing you to hear what you need to hear – your bike engine, sirens, and the intercom and Sat Nav directions from your bike comms system. They even proved their worth at the rally itself, blocking out engine noise during the night and allowing me to get a decent night’s sleep among the biker mayhem.

Most importantly, by the time I got home, my hearing remained completely tinnitus-free - the plugs had done their job effectively and I barely noticed they were there. And you can’t say fairer than that.

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