Road racing allowed throughout UK


Published on 17 July 2014 by Gill

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New legislation will allow motorsport races on public roads

Prime Minister David Cameron has announced an amendment to the new Deregulation Bill that will allow races, rallies and other motor sport events to take place on public roads.

The legislation is supposed to come into effect within a year, meaning races similar to those currently allowed in Ireland and the Isle of Man could become more commonplace throughout the UK.

Speaking at the opening of a new motorsports engineering facility in his Oxfordshire constituency, David Cameron disclosed that the amendment gives councils the power to close highways to host motor racing, as opposed to the current system where road closures are a parliamentary decision.

Though obviously good news for fans of motorsport, the announcement will no doubt provoke anger among residents in effected communities, who may be inconvenienced. However, the economic gains to be had from such events will most likely be the strongest argument for pro-racers. It will be the job of local councils to consult with residents on road closures and safety measures.