Road safety campaign alerts drowsy drivers

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Published on 2 November 2018 by Charlie Bliss

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The Automobile Association (AA) Charitable Trust launched a new road safety campaign today to raise awareness of the dangers of “drowsy driving”.

The campaign is accompanied by an advert that advises road users: “Stop. Take a break.”

The safety initiative accompanies new research which states that 13% of UK drivers admit to falling asleep while in operation of a vehicle, while 37% claim that they have felt so tired while driving that they were scared they would fall asleep at the wheel.

The Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (PACTS) estimates that up to 25% of all fatal accidents can be attributed to drivers asleep at the wheel.

AA Charitable Trust Director Edmund King said: “One quarter of fatal crashes are sleep related so drowsiness is one of the most under-estimated risks on the roads. Tiredness is a fact of life at some point for most of us and it is crucial we know how to manage it in relation to driving.”

Although less likely, it is certainly still possible to fall asleep on a motorcycle. Microsleeping is common while riding, defined as a short unconscious episode during which the eyes are closed and the brain is not as receptive to external stimuli.

The campaign encourages road users to stop at a safe place if they are showing signs of fatigue. Drivers should drink coffee and take a short nap before continuing on their journey to stay safe.

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