Should car drivers be able to ride motorcycles?

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Published on 2 January 2020 by Mike Waters

The Federation of European Motorcyclists’ Associations (FEMA) is inviting bikers to have their say on whether people who hold licences to drive cars should be allowed to ride bikes too using those same licences through an online survey.

FEMA’s introduction to the survey explains: “The current focus of the European mobility strategies is on public transport, cycling and walking. However, public transport will never reach everywhere in urban areas and cycling and walking are only possible for limited distances. There will always be a need for individual motorised personal transport. FEMA foresees a growing role for powered two-wheelers, especially motorcycles, instead of cars.”

“In some European countries, car licence holders (B licence) are allowed to ride an A1 motorcycle, a motorcycle of 125cc. FEMA would like to know how you – the European motorcyclists – feel about this subject.”

The survey is anonymous and consists of just five multiple-choice questions. To let FEMA know what you think, visit their website here.

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