The BMF AGM 2014: alternate report...

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Published on 14 October 2014 by Gill

The editor writes:

AGMs always sound like they’re going to be a grind – especially if you have a long drive to get there. A room full of suits pontificating for their own benefit – no one having the power to affect any real change - corporate inertia setting in.

This is a million miles from what the BMF AGM was.

The people in the back room of Hamilton House in Rugby represent some of the most passionate, most knowledgeable and most committed people in UK motorcycling.

Men and women from as far away as Scotland and Northern Ireland had journeyed to the heart of England, not only to discuss the future of the motorcycle lobby, but to be a part of it. To positively affect the lives of motorcyclists in this country.

By 11am the car park was full – Goldwings and BMWs, Yamahas and a glorious contingent of Vincent HRDs. The early birds set the tone of the day: talk of bikes and roads, memories and plans, frustrations and goals – and tea.

 agm gill

Inevitably there was financial and logistic reporting, but the atmosphere of the meeting itself was more educational and entertaining than anything else. It also showed the BMF as the successful democracy it is, with club representatives and individuals all offering ideas and action plans into what will shape the future of the BMF, and so the motorcycle lobby. That is power – the power to make a difference about something you care about, to have an organisation that listens to and puts into motion its members concerns and ideas.


Forced removal of helmets on petrol station forecourts, jet patching, the format of the BMF Shows, armadillos, driverless cars ability to sense motorcycles. These are issues that affect all motorcyclists, but only a few seem to care and even fewer offer their support. Luckily, the BMF cares and its members help support the organisation in its fight to make our voice heard.


As such, each BMF activist and members of staff would like to thank the membership of the BMF. You may not see it or feel it every day, but YOU make a difference. And a special thanks goes out to those who make the journey to the AGM, those who mean it isn’t suits and ego, but passion and action.