The future of electric transport in one report

david beeton urban foresight

Urban Foresight – a consulting think tank focused on future cities, which is based at The Core in Newcastle’s Science Central – has worked with global partners to produce the ‘Electric Vehicle City Casebook 50 Big Ideas’.

The report profiles the best ideas on how global targets can be met, including the UK government’s vision that from 2040 every new car will be an ultra low emission vehicle, leading to an effectively decarbonised fleet by 2050.

The report highlights issues around how electric vehicles (EVs) can become more mainstream, featuring ideas such as ‘EV Vending Machines’ (automated multi-storey garages that allow users to hire a fully-charged electric vehicle at the push of a button) as seen in Hangzhou, China, through to Smart Fleet Management software developed by Gateshead’s Route Monkey.

David Beeton, Director at Urban Foresight, said: “We put out a call for submissions earlier this year which saw over 150 nominations from across the world. This document profiles 50 examples of transformative policies, projects, technologies and business models that have been implemented in 23 countries across six continents. A panel of experts from national governments and international NGOs met in Copenhagen, Denmark, in May 2014 to identify the measures that offered the greatest potential.”

The report was produced by Urban Foresight, the Clean Energy Ministerial’s Electric Vehicles Initiative (EVI) and the international Energy Agency’s Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Implementing Agreement (IA-HEV).