The future of Motorcycles in London


Published on 9 March 2018 by Robert Drane

During the London Assembly meeting of 8 March 2018, the Mayor, Sadiq Khan, and Deputy Mayor for Transport, Val Shawcross, were questioned about the failure to include motorcycles, other than as trade vehicles, in the draft Transport Strategy.

The Transport Strategy’s failure to acknowledge the benefits in reduced congestion, with an estimated potential reduction of as much as 40%, if even 10% of car drivers switched to two wheels, shows a blinkered attitude. The fact is that, for many, motorcycles and scooters are the only practical way of getting to work, despite wishful thinking about the provision of public transport. Under questioning, the Mayor reportedly responded: "Motorcycling is not walking. It’s not cycling. It’s not public transport."

Riders need to be aware that the future of individual, personal, transport in London is under threat, motorcycles included.

The BMF believes in the absolute right of riders to use all the public highways, which we already pay for, without paying congestion charges.

While being long-standing supporters of the development of zero emission bikes, riders of ICE bikes, unless provably not meeting appropriate emission standards, should have unrestricted access to all public highways.