The new BMF Membership Database is here!

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Published on 17 January 2019 by Charlie Bliss

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The British Motorcyclists Federation is excited to announce the launch of the new BMF Membership Database in collaboration with Sport:80.

We are proud to have almost 7,000 members in addition to 250 clubs, all of whom we need to support effectively. In order to do this it is important that we keep track of our engagement with you, particularly regarding payments, mailing and communications.

Up to now, we have made use of a database which, while it has served us well in the past, has recently shown its age and vulnerability. What’s more, it is no longer supported by the original software provider. This, as you can imagine, raised various operational and security issues. Things needed to change to ensure that the administration of our members and their data was safe.

Since reaching this conclusion, a considerable amount of time has been spent analysing systems on the market with a critical eye on their suitability to our operation. In some ways, we are similar to large sporting organisations whereby sensitive data is recorded and communication delivered. Our links with the Sport and Recreation Alliance led us to a system and software company that could fulfil our needs.

This turned out to be Sport:80, a sports technology company that is recognised as a leader in its field, serving large sporting and membership organisations in the UK and US. After the usual tendering and detailed discussions, the Management Team have signed an agreement with Sport:80 to deliver a new membership system.

As members, both individual and club, you will be familiar with the processes for joining and renewing your membership which, in principle, will not change. The Sport:80 system employs features that will help you as a member, while assisting Helen who carries out all our administration in the BMF office. Each member or club official will be given their own account so that they can manage club or personal information with ease, renew memberships online and take advantage of e-membership cards that are automatically issued upon purchase.

This does not mean that everyone will be forced to use the online system to purchase and renew memberships, however. The traditional methods of writing cheques and conducting telephone conversations will still be available via Helen during the transition, as we pursue our long-term goal of migrating this process online.

BMF Political and Technical Services Director Anna Zee said: “Adopting the Sport:80 platform for our member management is an essential part of keeping our member data secure and improving the online services we provide to clubs and individuals. We will also reap the rewards of Sport:80’s community model that will see us benefit from upgrades and new features throughout the duration of our partnership.”

We are looking forward to a smooth transition to a system that is safe and more responsive, while reducing office administration time and leading to more meaningful engagement throughout the BMF membership. We appreciate your support and patience as we adjust to the new system.

Do you have any questions about the new system? Please get in touch on our Facebook page.