The Titan is here

titan concept

Published on 28 July 2016 by Robert Drane

“Titan is not recommended for routine daily rides” says CG artist Mehmet Doruk Erdem, speaking to

Designed to be a futuristic land-speed record-holder, the Turkish designer’s BMW concept model ‘Titan’ is a bike even Bruce Wayne would drool over.

Titan concept motorcycle computer design top view

Inspired by the sleek, slender shape of sharks, these stunning computer-generated visualisations demonstrate the ultimate in motorcycle design.

Titan is the sort of bike that only existed in your childhood daydreams.

Titan concept motorcycle computer design with background

"[Titan] was built on a dream that consists of nothing but one feature: speed."

The side-mounted air intakes, enclosed engine and shape all combine to this one aspiration.

Titan concept motorcycle computer design sketch


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It is likely that Titan will never be produced for real – nevertheless, is this something that you would like to ride or is best left in the world of sci-fi?

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Visit Mehmet's page on Behance here.