Updated BMF guidance for bikers in the new COVID-19 lockdown

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Published on 6 January 2021 by Mike Waters

The British Motorcyclists Federation has updated guidance for bikers on the new lockdown which has been brought in to contain the COVID-19 pandemic.

The government’s updated national lockdown rules that have now come into force still permit travel by motorcycle where there is a good reason to do so. For example, you can ride your bike to travel to and from your place of work if you are unable to work from home, visit people within your support or childcare bubble, access medical or veterinary care, access education, volunteer, deliver care or attend a birth or a funeral. It is also possible to use motorcycles to travel a short distance to a local place for exercise – for example, to a public park, beach or the grounds of a heritage site.

However, please remember that any travel should be reserved for circumstances where you have good reason and that you should take care to observe social distancing and hygiene rules at all times. Please also avoid long journeys and stay local wherever possible.

The Auto Cycle Union has also confirmed that all motorsports activities will be cancelled for the duration of the lockdown. This includes both practice and competition.

As guiding principles, please avoid any unnecessary travel, travel as little as possible if you must and take care when you do so. If you do not do so, the police may issue you a Fixed Penalty Notice and you may put yourself and others in danger. It is also essential to remember that the public perception of motorcycling is in your hands and that reckless behaviour while so many people are sacrificing so much will be remembered after the pandemic is over.

While being back in lockdown may be disappointing and frustrating, you must remember that these new regulations are temporary, that they are intended to save lives and that your actions – even in the most ordinary of situations – could make a crucial difference. We are all being asked to help during a time of crisis and, if this is what it takes to allow us to enjoy using our motorcycles again in future, these restrictions should be thought of as fair and reasonable.

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