Watch your speed and not your phone: BMF welcomes new TfL road safety campaign

Published on 27 October 2015 by Gill

Transport for London is launching a campaign aimed and drivers and riders, focusing on the issues of speed and distraction from mobile phones.

Officers from the Metropolitan Police and the City of London Police will increase the time they dedicate to road safety by the equivalent of an extra 9,800 officer days a year.

S36 29846 TFL Road Safety SpeedDozens more locations across London will be covered, targeting road users whose careless, dangerous or illegal behaviour puts other road users, including motorcyclists, at risk.

There are also plans to assist engineers designing road layouts on how they can be made more conducive to motorcycle safety, an area the BMF will be supporting strongly going forward.

BMF Public Relations Executive Graeme Hay welcomes the plans. He said: "The BMF was very pleased to address the London Assembly on Thursday 15th October on the subject of road safety for motorcyclists. For far too long the media in London has focussed on the deaths of cyclists, ignoring that fact that twice as many people are losing their lives on motorcycles. 

“I also welcome the interest of the London Assembly as well as the efforts of the TfL team to deliver a streets design manual to guide engineers on what matters to motorcyclists. This sits well with the motorcycle safety plan we are all now working together to deliver.

“This high profile motorcycle road safety campaign to run in London not only reminds riders to think about their on behaviour but also reminds all road users of their responsibilities in avoiding in-car distraction as well as taking extra care to look out for motorcyclists."

Further detail on this latest initiative can be found here

S36 29846 TFL Road Safety Distraction II

(Cover image credit: The Telegraph