What do YOU want from the new CBT?

motorcycle learning plate

Published on 8 June 2017 by Robert Drane

A recent government consultation proposed a number of changes to the CBT. Some of the consultation was about ensuring good and consistent standards of instruction, including a proposal for recognising the best instructors. Other proposals include:

  • changes to the CBT curriculum
  • moving CBT administration to a digital platform – currently it is entirely paper-based
  • riders passing their CBT on a machine with automatic transmission would need additional training to qualify for a non-automatic
  • riders who accrue six penalty points while still riding on a CBT should lose their provisional licence until they re-take the CBT – this is in line with the penalties for novice riders who accrue too many points

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In addition, the DVSA has been considering a training, as opposed to testing, path to getting a full motorcycle licence. The proposal for upgrading your licence with training was not detailed, just a proposal in principle, but welcome nonetheless. However, it will probably require changes to the DVLA computer system, so don't expect it to be available very quickly.

Do you think motorcycle testing needs a reform?

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