Why should your motorcycle club affiliate with the BMF?

Published on 29 June 2018 by Robert Drane

Almost 300 clubs are affiliated to the BMF. We look at the benefits of joining the BMF community


One of the best things about joining or setting up a motorcycle club is sharing your passion with other like-minded riders. Nothing compares to the community you create and the pool of experience, talent and resources that come with it.

But launching a new club, or running an existing one, creates challenges. You might want to organise a motorcycle rally or take a group abroad – if you’ve never done something like this before, would you know where to start? And do you know where your club would stand legally and financially if someone was hurt, or their property damaged, at an event?

For motorcycle clubs, affiliating to the BMF is the answer. By doing so, clubs access a wide range of fantastic benefits as well as making their members part of a UK-wide motorcycling community.


Supporting your club

A key reason for affiliating is that clubs are automatically covered by civil liability protection through the BMF’s insurance, via its association with the Sport and Recreation Alliance. This protects motorcycle clubs against legal liability and includes employers’ liability cover. Howden also offers special rates on cover for equipment and spares supplied through the club.

Another reason focuses on the BMF’s core principles: to pursue, promote and protect the rights of motorcyclists. Motorcycle clubs have always been at the heart of the BMF, since a group of clubs formed the organisation in the 1960s. Today, local clubs are still united in this national organisation, helping pack a powerful punch when it comes to lobbying on matters close to riders’ hearts. The more clubs that affiliate, the stronger the BMF becomes as it represents more of the motorcycling community.

Affiliated clubs also help to set BMF policy through participation in Regional Meetings, the National and One-Make Clubs’ forum and the BMF AGM. They also benefit from updates on the BMF’s core political and technical activities, receive copies of Motorcycle Rider and can get advice from best practice documents – developed using BMF experts’ vast experience – on issues including organising events and keeping activities safe.


To affiliate your motorcycle club, email membership@bmf.co.uk or call 01162 795112.