World's largest all-female bike meet 2017

bmf stand at all female bike meet 2017

Published on 18 October 2017 by Robert Drane

The record for the world’s largest ladies motorcycle meeting has been broken in spectacular style

Lynn’s Raven Café at Whitchurch in Shropshire has seen plenty of events this year, including the Big Breakfast, the Streetfighters meet, bike nights, one of the controls for the National Road Rally and many more – and it’s a great place for hosting big biking meets. This time saw an attempt at the world record for the biggest meeting of female bikers, which was organised by a group from the London area led by Minisha Patel and Sherrie Wolf.

The record has been set and broken several times before, once at the Ace Cafe in London with 661 women in 2015. The last record was set in Australia in 2016 with a spectacular 1,002 ladies meeting up at the Dubbo Babe Raid, where legend has it that the bar at the after-party saw crowds 15-20 deep.

Whole clubs, ladies in groups and people simply riding up on their own came from all over Britain, and riders with all types of licences and with ages ranging from below 17 and over 65 turned up in droves. I met people from Ireland, Scotland, Somerset, Cornwall, Lincolnshire and many more places closer to the venue, while the longest journey in one direction was 420 miles by Marie Bruce all the way from Forres in northern Scotland!

Only ladies riding in and not pillions were counted, and everyone had to arrive within the set time period of 09:00-14:00 according to the rules. The sun shone gloriously, the atmosphere was fantastic and the existing record was already beaten before 13:00. The final numbers by the 14:00 deadline hit 1,132 women – smashing the record. As there were many other bikers there who weren’t counted for the record – men, for instance – there must have been around 2,000 bikes at the gathering overall.

We had the BMF membership stand there too, complete with Janet Laidlaw, Mick Gibbons, Colette Falloon and Louie the dog. Louis, of course, was busy posing on Colette’s bike the whole time and was photographed constantly.

In addition to the world record attempt, a range of prizes was raffled off and the event raised £5,131.57 for two excellent causes. The money will be split between Shropshire/Staffordshire/Cheshire Blood Bikes and the Air Ambulance. We’re sure they’ll put it to good use.

Joint organiser Sherrie Woolf said: “Nimi [Patel] and I are in awe at the number of you that supported this event. Since the last event, it’s been good to see solid progress with the industry taking notice of us. The volume of event sponsors and quality of the prizes show just how many companies in the industry are taking us and our buying power seriously. We’re confident things will continue to improve and we will be at the forefront, actively demonstrating to the industry, with fun events, just how many of us are here and how many more are joining the ranks.”

Congratulations to the All-Female Bike Meet team, to Lynn and Peter at the Raven Café and to all of the volunteers from Raven Riders who were there for the best part of 24 hours setting the site up for music, tradestands and road closures. On behalf of everyone who enjoyed the day, thank you.

Peter Laidlaw
BMF Membership Services Director