You see a motorbike crash. What do you do?

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Published on 3 October 2017 by Robert Drane

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Do you know how to help a fellow biker in an incident? How would you react in that situation? How do you avoid being overwhelmed?

Preparation can reduce chances of injury or even save a life. If you are unsure when, why and how to remove a crash helmet without causing unnecessary injury, for example, you need to know for sure.

Biker Down is a free nationwide scheme run by Fire and Rescue services throughout the UK. The course is designed specifically for motorcyclists, teaching you just how to keep the situation under control. It covers how to manage a crash scene, care for a casualty and ride more safely.


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The course was originally developed in Kent, and you can find out more about what you will learn in the video below:


Chris O'Connor, London Fire Brigade's Head of Community Safety, said: “When a motorcyclist is involved in a collision, often the first person on the scene is another rider. The course teaches riders both how they can help if they come across a motorcycle collision and motorcycle-specific immediate aid training.”

The course is aimed for experience and inexperienced alike, and means you won’t be helpless next time you find yourself in a situation.

Biker Down courses take place regularly throughout the year and are available across the UK. You can find a list of your nearest course at

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